The history of the area and the building of the current Hunting House

The Hunting House is located in Wyszowate, which is actually the colony of this village, the locals call this place Ogrodki.
They are probably right, because onthe maps from the 1980s and 90s, it was shown as a separate place. The first mention in written sources regarding the village Ogrodki comes from the year 1539. In that year, widow of Frederick von Heydel sold to Wawrzyniec Próbka from Konopki Wielkie a strip of land called Ogródki, between the lakes Ublik The Great and Buwełno (about 89 hectares).

The history of the building and place of Hunting House in the years 1900-1995 is known from stories of people living before World War II and after the war.

Until 1945, the present house and outbuildings visible from the windows facing east, were the property of Fengler family
I received this information from the grandson of the founder of the farm, or property in the village Ogródki. (Ogrodtken since 1936 - to 1945 Relken)

Grandson (Klaus Fengler currently lives in the former East Germany) said that his grandfather being a clerk in Elblag dealt with issues relating to the allocation of land in East Prussia, but he resigned from this position and founded the farm in the village Ogródki, between the lakes Bawełno Ublik The Great. Father of Klaus Fengler took over the farm after his father and ran it until the Second World War, during which, while the Battle of Stalingrad he died. At the end of the war, due to the approaching Russian army Klaus’ mother with three children, run away to the family living in Szczecin, and then they run away a few dozen kilometers near the Oder River, where some members of the family live to this day.