In the fenced are You will find :

  • a large recreation area - 2 hectares.
  • beach, sun beds
  • paddle boats
  • bikes
  • Garden Café,
  • ocovered grill, place for the bonefire
  • volleyball court
  • Parking

In the neighbourhood of the Hunting House there are marked cycling routes with selected viewpoints. Not far away there are forests with numerous beautiful and historical places, marshes and monuments of nature. Animals like deer, roe deer, wild boar, elk, bison, white-tailed eagle, black stork live hereon freedom. During your stay you can see and take advantage of the attractions of our region:

Horse riding - 3 km

Horse and pony saddle, riding lessons, riding in the paddock and on the areas under professional supervision, pony rides for children, rides around the area.

Golf area (11 km)
Ski lift (14 km)

Gothic church in Miłki - 5 km.

Church of Saint Mary Queen of Poland in fifteenth century. The Gothic church is one of the oldest churches in Masurian District. The building was built of field stones and bricks at the end of the fifteenth century, with three naves with barrel vault. Burned by the Tatars, rebuilt in 1699. From this period baroque tower comes from, and the current church facilities: two-storey altar of King’s workshopin dated for 1688, and the organ gallery dated for 1698.

Boyen Fortress (19 km)

build in 1844-1856 is the perfect preserved example of the Prussian school of fortification. Located in the west of Giżycko, on a narrow isthmus between large lakes Kisajno and Niegocin, was a major link in the chain of fortifications closing access from the east into the Prussian Country.
The idea of building the fortress came as a result of the experience of the Napoleonic wars, in the writings of Generals: von Grolmanna and von Boyen from 1818. However, only just in 9 December 1841 King Friedrich Wilhelm IV issued a decision to build a stronghold in the region Giżycko.

Borecka virgin forest – reserves - about 30 km.

commonly there exist small predators (fox, raccoon, badger, marten, polecat, and muskrat), but also there live lynx and wolf. There also live the rare species of birds for example: sea eagle, osprey and black stork. Undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the animal world is living in the wild bison. In Wolisk, the former Centre of the breeding of Bison there is ann area with a viewing platform from which tourists can observe usually a few of the 60 European bison living in the wilderness on the area of the Borecka forest.

Sztynort - about 40 km.

monumental, historic and classical palace of the Lehndorff from the seventeenth century, rebuilt in the nineteenth century. In the park oaks survived, the oldest were planted in 1600 Morover, there is the biggest yacht port in Masurian District

Wilczy Szaniec - (40 km),

There are the remains of Hitler's "Wilczy Szaniec", couple of buildings forming a complex of bunkers, the Masurian summer residence of Adolph Hitler.
In Gierloz, a few hundred meters east from Wilczy Szaniec, there is located the Monument Park of Masurian District - the new educational and entertainment attraction designed for people of all ages who want to learn about the history and culture of the region. On more than 3ha, directly adjacent to the Wilczy Szaniec - Hitler's legendary headquarters, visitors will find selected specific to those lands objects, historical and archaeological exhibits. The visitors can see landmarks, accurately reconstructed on a scale of 1:25. Currently, in the Park you can see can the miniature recreations of the palace of Lehndorff in Sztynort, a windmill in the Bęś, old Prussian castles, Masurian house and railway bridge in Stańczyki. The exhibition will be regularly expanded and there will be eventually present the most important miniatures there, of no longer existing buildings of former East Prussia.

Polish ''Safari' 'in Kadzidlowo (wild animals living in the wild - 40 km.

there you can see, i.e. tarpans, fallow deer, wolves, scandinavian moose or deer. The park is open daily from 9 am till dusk. For more information call (87) 425-73-65.

Święta Lipka - 40 km.

This is the "pearl of the northern Polish Baroque" is also called the North Czestochowa. In the monastery complex there is the basilica, the monastery cloisters, and the Fathers Jesuits house. In Basilica we can admire the Baroque organ with moving figures, created in 1721r. On the main altar there is the image of The Mother Mary from Święta Lipka

A few hours or full-day cruises on the Masurian Lakes in Giżycko (17 km)

The possibility of using a complex of swimming pools and water slides in Gołębiewski Hotel in Mikolajki (35 km).